Saturday, September 25, 2010

There's a fine line between brave and stupid...

Just about crossed it tonight.

Let me back up.
Haven't been working on the cars too much, as I've still been "shaking the e30 down", and super busy otherwise... Friday I went to College Park to meet with some R3v e30 guys. Good times. About a 1:15 trip, not pushing too hard. There is every type of road surface and normal obstacle to avoid for someone driving a heavily lowered car. Everything is doing pretty well, still have idle oil pressure issues to a small degree, but what can you expect at 210k+ miles? Still going great!
I've just about got my confidence back in Green Hell.
At the meet, they gave me a sticker to put on the car, I was floored at the offer, and the profoundness of the quote:
Rule the bends, Bend the rules

Words I LIVE by.

Anyways, tonight, I had to go somewhere, and on the way back, there was a pretty heavy wreck. Someone probably ran a red light, like they do here, 'cause they're in such a damn hurry all the time. Stupid, and HIGHLY dangerous. Well, this wreck happened on a bypass around Waldorf. So how do you bypass the bypass? I could have backtracked and gone the long way to the West, but there is a pretty wicked set of railroad tracks that I hesitate to take the x3 on, let alone a car with an oil pan two inches off the deck! So I went east. I ended up doing a full circle, that kinda pissed me off. Then I pulled over and broke out the smartphone and looked at the map. Sure enough, there appeared to be a road that went straight through where I had just turned. It looked kinda dodgy, that's why I turned the first time. (Dodgy, meaning DIRT, NOT PAVED.) Yeah, so I get another look at it, and there are two crossovers in front of me. They have NO problem negotiating the humps and dips, puddles, mud, and brush. Me? Heart attack city. I'm all by myself, it's dark, and the road keeps getting worse the farther I get. I made it, but I know I put a new scratch on the oil pan, I smacked it pretty good. Also, some new scratches all the way down the underside of the car. Not fun, but it worked! (I shudder to think if that would have happened last year; the car was about 3/4 of an inch lower...)
I can only imagine the call to Heather or Orlando... and the tow bill? Fuggeddabouddit.

So, the car can go anywhere. If it was going to break, it would have done so by now.

Alas, I need to park it for the engine swap that I promised to do on my PREVIOUS e30.
GOAL: Have it swapped and driving before the first snowfall of this winter. Keep me honest, Orlando...


Frederick said...

Great tale I was riveted to my seat

///MARINE said...
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///MARINE said...

You know what? I came upon the SAME accident at that bypass late Saturday night. I was going north toward D.C. There was a Green Ford Expedition and three, yes THREE motorcycles! The State Troopers were still sweeping up the bike pieces when I drove by. All the southbound traffic was still being redirected. I'm pretty convinced that a few people didn't make it.