Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hulk has risen!

My Green Eddie Bauer Expedition, affectionatly known as "The Hulk" has been down due to a bad alternator. I am proud to say that I changed the alternator myself. I was assisted by Troy and Mack. The Ford alternator was literally ten times easier to change than the alternator on the M6 that Adam, Fred and myself toiled for days to remove, rebuild and install.
Unlike the M6, I chose to buy a brand new alternator for the Expedition. We took the old alternator to Autozone to test it. It only produced 10 volts before dropping off line. The new component was tested in the store at over 14 Volts. Once installed in the truck, the alternator produced 14.67 Volts with headlights and Air Conditioning on. The Hulk is back!

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