Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow.

I realized today just how much I am behind in my BMW upgrades/repairs. All the cars are good as far as regular maintenance but I am remiss in some crucial areas.

A) The M6 still needs it's fuel delivery issue addressed. The culprit is likely a fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

B) The E36 325i sedan needs it's passenger side window fixed. It's window sliders won't stay on track.

C) The wife's E46 325i sedan has blown all of it's crappy factory speakers and needs an upgrade.

D) The E46 also still has traction control+brake+ABS warning lights that won't go off.

E) I just got the E46 iPod aux input jack kit that I ordered on Monday. I am doing the same upgrade to my wife's car that Adam did to his wife's X3.

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Adam said...

See you tomorrow! (tomorrow. tomorrow.. tomorrow...)