Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On a roll...

The Hulk is back on the road and we are a go for the road trip to pick up the
325iX (at an undisclosed location). I couldn't wait any longer to fix it. I needed to NOT procrastinate in order to make sure I didn't mess up our trip. I also put the door panel back into the passenger side of the E36 sedan. I have to install the painted S38 valve cover that came out pretty well and then install the fuel pump (I haven't ordered it yet). I plan to install the M3's new belts and tensioner tonight. I need to keep the momentum going. I also need the guys to come over and help me transfer the X-brace from the underside of my 325iC Cabriolet and unto the underside of my M3. This brace was standard on the M3 Lightweight and all E36 convertibles. A write up about the purpose of the X-brace can be viewed here:

"For improved turn-in response from your E36, few bolt-on parts are as effective as the BMW cross reinforcement (aka the x-brace) which is factory equipment on all E36 Z3, Convertibles, and the 1995 M3 Lightweight. By bolting the subframe (which the engine is mounted atop) to the chassis, you get far less movement when the car is turned left or right. As a added bonus, the x-brace covers the bottom of the oil pan, protecting it from curbs or other items which might otherwise damage the oil pan. The oil drainage plug is not inhibited in any way with the addition of the x-brace.

Most E36 M3s are ready to accept the x-brace with little fuss since the subframe already has the needed "nutserts" or "inserts" for the brace. We have seen some early production 95 M3s that do not have the nutserts and require them to be installed." -Source: UUCMOTORWERKS.COM

The build date of my 1995 M3 is 11/95 so it should be plug and play... Should be...

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