Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saving $$, making the wife happy.

I've been pretty dang busy, and basking in the accomplishment of that tranny swap... but it's time to get back to business. I ordered some stuff for the X3 so that I can do a minor tuneup, and some other small stuff. Our windblasted, bug splattered front roundel lost a pretty sizeable chunk of paint near the letters, so it was looking like a 26 year old car, rather than a 6 year old car. Heather came out and helped, I showed her how to pull and replace the roundel. Go Heather! Then I decided to tackle one of my BMW pet peeves, no aux input. Seriously, BMW? You want over $300 for the aux input option? No thanks. I found a cheap, relatively simple work around, for only $32. All over that. I had to take the whole center stack apart, and wire up the aux input wire to the radio. The connector was easy to work with, and I didn't even break anything! Yess!! I love how the BMWs come apart like LEGOs sometimes...

Wish I didn't have prior plans this weekend, would love to get the suspension, tranny flush, oil change, fuel lines, and brake lines sorted on the 535iA.
Temperatures are coming down, it's becoming a little more bearable to work in the heat of the day. Let's get all FIVE cars up!

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