Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We suck again!!

No dice.

Got Blake to bed and went out to the garage. I had my plan all set out and everything. Played with the mini first; got the carb back together, dashpot oil filled up, choke pulled, battery charged (pretty sure it's dead, won't hold the charge) crank her up, and she won't run. At least she won't STAY running. It sounds and feels like she's running on all four cylinders now, but she just won't stay running. Must have cranked and cajoled for about a half hour. No good.
So we started with the new fuel system anyways. David pulled the old fuel tank and pump, mechanical pump on the engine, and we picked a hard line to use.
That was kinda funny, actually. David said, "Hey, go to the trunk, and I'm going to blow through this old line that we were using. See if you can feel my breath." Okay, doodeedoo, I get back to the trunk and I'm about to stick my head in the trunk when about 9 feet worth of fuel comes pouring out of the line he's blowing in. Haha. Came about this [] close to getting a faceful of fuel... Guess that's the one!! Now we have to hook up and setup the new solid state fuel pump and filter. Fun.

While most of this was going on, I worked on the E30, pulling the water pump. Sounds easy, right? Well, if you remember, the reason I want to pull it is because the fan clutch is stuck on the end of it. This helps to cool the engine after it's warmed up, and if there's no air flow because you're in traffic or something. Well, there's a reason that they tell you to remove the fan, clutch, and pulley when removing the water pump... because it's a real pain to do it with all of that installed! Here's the real kicker; it's like a sandwich. It goes: pump, pulley, fan, and clutch. I can't separate the pump and clutch, so the parts that I need for the NEW pump and clutch are trapped by the two who are married at this point. Sucks. I bit the bullet and decided to try putting the pump in the vice to see if I could get it to hold the nut still, I just ended up turning the shaft anyways. Wow, this thing is MESSED. UP.
Now I have to get some kind of hacksaw and try to get through the fan clutch nut. That should be fun. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll go to the picknpull and get a pulley and fan. I'm really close to just pulling the engine and tranny altogether, and just commencing with the engine swap, but it would be nice to win this battle. You will drive, then I will put you down MYSELF to do the engine swap. (kinda like Orlando with the M6)

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