Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I guess I'm finally a "Hack Mechanic"

I was so bummed this morning. So bummed that I went to Lowe's and picked up a hacksaw and 4 blades.
Now's a good time to admit that I've never owned a hacksaw before... I guess I've tried to purchase all the "correct" tools for the job whenever it comes up. I have (until now) considered myself a "shadetree mechanic". Just haven't had a job that needed a hacksaw before. So, I guess I've graduated (or is it regressed?) to "Hack Mechanic". At least it worked!
Then I spent 2 hours cutting through 32mm worth of bolt.
Success! I pulled the fan and pulley off each of the pieces and went to the car to start cleaning up the mating surface for the water pump. Got it all cleaned up and dry, then mounted the water pump. That was tough because there's this tensioner with a spring that you have to compress with the water pump. All the while, trying NOT to mess up the gasket you just put on the block with a bit of adhesive. I messed it up a little, but it will have to be good enough. Then I put each piece together, very deliberately trying not to mess up. Had to stop for about an hour and a half for a meeting I had. Finished at about 915, and took it out for a drive. My coolant temp gauge isn't working. Fine time for that. Otherwise, she's running the same as before, minus the overheating, of course. (for now)

Meanwhile, on the mini, David plumbed the fuel system, installed the new solid state fuel pump and filter, and found a power source. We'll get some gas tomorrow, wire the pump up, and give it a go! Great work, David!

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