Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1988 BMW M6 For sale! Cinnabar Red! Low miles! Never seen rain!

O.k. The "low miles" and "never seen rain" parts of that statement are not true. O.k., neither is the for sale part. I have said many times that I will never sell my M6. Very few people get an opportunity to own thier "Dream Car". I own mine, and I'm keeping it. Damn it!
I hopped in the M6 this morning, determined to drive it for the first time since last Friday, when Adam fixed the alternator issue and got her back on the road. As soon as I got out of my driveway and up the first street she unceremoniously cut off in second gear. What?!? Oh no... Oh HELL no. Seriously? I tried to start it back up again, but the car refused to cooperate. I was forced to try to push this behemoth uphill backwards. I've lived on this street for years and never noticed there was a gentle incline at that point in the street. It is 6 am. I am alone with a very heavy car in the middle of the road. I am less than amused.

I get back in and explain to the M6 what will befall her if she does not start up right now and return to the driveway from whence she came. I turn the key. She ROARS to life with the 24-valve urgency her makers intended. I park her back home and hop in the Expedition. I WILL get to the bottom of this treachery. At this point in time the M6 is acting more flaky than a $10 croissant.

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