Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, like I said last week, I got the e30 running and all that. Been kinda lazy the past couple days, but I guess that's relative. I still don't have a temperature gauge. I did buy an IR thermometer though, (fun to play with, btw) and have been driving around, then stop, pop the hood and flash the gun everywhere. I see a top temp of 155 on all of the various coolant hoses. Sounds good, but I still want a temp gauge. After all, having situational awareness on the temp gauge is the ONLY reason that we can still drive the x3. Anyways, I took the gauge cluster apart and reseated the temp gauge on Monday night, no dice. Last night, I tried messing with the sensors for a bit, but really didn't know what I was looking at. I took the e30 out on the road for a more extended flogging, and stopped several times to let it idle. Also did the newspaper test on the fan clutch when it was warm, it didn't act like my last fan clutch at all. If it was going to overheat, I think it would have last night. I'm still leery to pull it out in the 100 degree weather we've been having, though. I don't have an extra temp gauge, but after I came in last night, I found the troubleshooting guide for the temp gauge in the Bentley, so I have something to try tonight. Maybe I'll try to get another gauge in the next few days.
Also, I'll try to get the rear brakes done on the 535iA tonight so that I can take it off the jack stands and move it over some. It's crowding the mini in the garage.

Plus, I'm going to need the jack stands (maybe) for the e34 automatic transmission swap that I'll be attempting on Saturday. This one is going to be tricky, as it's not going to be in my garage, so I have to try and think of ALL the tools that I'll need to complete the job, as the person I'm helping is woefully lacking in the tool department. I wish it was as easy as bringing the entire tool box... but that would be very cumbersome. I'll just have to bring most of my sockets, extensions, wrenches, etc. AND a couple cans of PB blaster. Man, that stuff is great.

Three big parts to this operation: Exhaust removal, driveshaft removal, and finally, the tranny. Each of these actions have the potential to stop us in our tracks if something goes wrong. I'm planning to bring my wood blocks (12x12) to raise the car up to an appropriate height SAFELY, with no possibility of toppling. Hopefully, I can photo-document this pretty well. We'll see.

UPDATE: Drove the e30 around tonight, got some gas, etc. Nice to drive her in anger again. Got back home and let her idle for about 10 minutes, waiting for her to overheat... Nothing. Coolant hose temps stayed pretty constant. Now to try that in the 100 degree heat! (While I'm trying to locate another temp gauge.) Yess!!

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