Friday, August 13, 2010

Your FIRST stretching exercise will BE...

Rear brakes! READY.... MOVE!

Got outside tonight and got the rear brakes done. I'll still have to take it back apart to replace that one stripped hard line/soft line connection. You win some, you lose some. Didn't take too long, it certainly helps that I've done it before. The most time-consuming part was disconnecting and reconnecting the springs on the e-brake shoes. I always feel like I'm going to get a spring to the front of my face...
Didn't really help that the driver's side of the vehicle was about a foot away from the mini. oops. There was enough room to get in there, put it all together, then take the rear off the jack stands. Then back and forth, back and forth, cranking the wheel lock to lock to get it moved over a couple feet in the garage. WHEW! Now I can breathe in there!
I'll still have to put the car back up on jackstands to do some more work in the rear, I need to replace the half shafts, the rear diff bushing (maybe upgrade to a 3.73 LSD?), and re-plumb the fuel lines. I have some kind of hard start issue that I would REALLY like to go away. Then I can get going on the front brakes and some suspension work and maybe get to driving her again! (It was pretty obvious that the front driver's caliper is sticking; hope I can get it loosened up without replacement.
Pretty good warm up for tomorrow.
E34 auto tranny remove and replace; wish me luck!

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