Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little work, a LOT of carnage

Yesterday, I had a chance to work under the E30. (Things have been CRAZY!!)

First I tried to compress the driveshaft so that I could pull it, but I couldn't turn the nut, so I decided that I would just pull the differential. That made things a WHOLE lot easier. the driveshaft practically fell out! It also gives me a chance to upgrade from my pegleg 2.93 diff to an LSD 3.25 Maybe I'll get a little bit more acceleration out of the car!

So I got the driveshaft out, and here is what I found:

Notice how the threads are a bit smashed on the one bolt, and how the nuts are TOTALLY deformed? All 6 bolts are like that. Luckily, I could still get a box end on them. Maybe I should have changed this thing out 20k miles ago? I mean, I knew it was acting up, but gosh...

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