Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the road again...

Well, I needed get the car back together, and figured out a way to separate the driveshaft, so on Tuesday night, I started. First I had to remove the old Center support Bearing. Just like the guibo, it was deformed and showed incredible wear. I ended up removing the snap ring, dust cover, then just dremeling it off, one layer at a time. In case you ever have to do this, be VERY careful, and don't mar the bearing mounting surface. I managed to get it off succesfully. Then I drifted the new one on, replaced the dust cover and snapring, reassembled the driveshaft halves, and started reassembly on the car. I started at about 8 pm, and finished getting everything together about 0230. Had a heck of a time lining up the holes on the rear subframe with the holes in the 3.25 LSD differential, but eventually got it to work.
Got everything buttoned up, and went to start her... no battery voltage. So I put the battery on the buzzbox for about an hour, and changed out one of the door panels.
Started her up and took her for a spin at 0400, and she drove fine!! Yesss!!!
got home, parked her, and then saw the sky lighting up like sunrise. Crap. I had to be at work at 0800!! All for the love of Bimmers!
I've been beating the car up for yesterday and today, and besides forgetting to tighten up the exhaust all the way (SUPER loud, but glorious), she runs fine. Can't tell if she's faster, but it's just nice to drive her again after a month of downtime. ... and what would that month have cost me if I had taken the car to BMW?
hmmmmm? Check back later!

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