Saturday, February 18, 2012


Adam will have to officially update what exactly he did... I'm just going to give you the highlights for the past few months. The red e28 is running. He was driving home a couple weeks ago and the clutch pedal got really soft... So he replaced that and then replaced the whole vacuum system? I know that isn't the correct word for it. But after getting that finished, the car runs better than before. He even wants me to drive it, which would be the first time.
My x3 decided to not start right before my scheduled c-section with Sebastian. Orlando let us (me) use his m3. A couple weeks after Bash was born, we got the car towed to the dealer. Our friend Drew replaced the starter and fixed the airbag in the front passenger seat. He probably did other stuff too, but I don't remember. We went to pick it up and everything was great. Then one day, I went to go somewhere and the x3 wouldn't start! I started crying.... Adam comes home and looks at it. He slammed the door and I saw the hatch shimmy a little. I then remembered that I had seen the light on when I was driving home. So I opened the hatch, closed it tight. Adam recharged the BRAND NEW battery and all was well again.
Today he has the x3 up with Drew to do some maintenance.

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