Wednesday, April 13, 2011

... and we have a problem...

Yeah, so I probably drove the car around for about 20 miles yesterday, took a nice long drive at lunch, took some photos, etc.
I was under the car not 24 hours before that, and thought I checked everything...
I'm pulling away from a left turn off the road where I work on, not even going 30 mph yet, and all of sudden a loud whirring noise, and loss of drive occurs. No forward motion, but the whirring winds up when I press the gas pedal.
Yup, the halfshaft bolts came off. They loosened themselves in NO TIME.
HMMMMMMM. This would be funny... BUT! It's happened before.
I had done some work on Green Hell like this back in '09, and ended up taking the diff out and then putting a newer LSD one in. Drove it around for a couple thousand miles, down from MD to NC for 4th of July, and I'm leaving NC for the weekend when the same thing happens.

When am I going to learn that I need Loctite on those bolts!!

(Yesterday, as it turns out...)

I called up Orlando, we made a quick trip to his house, then Autozone for ANOTHER 8mm hex head socket (I believe I have 3 or 4 of them now...), fixed it up, and I was on my way. Thanks Orlando!

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Unknown said...

Phewww! At least you knew what it was. Glad you were close enough to get assistance.