Friday, April 8, 2011

Back in business...

So, the 535is had the wonky idle like I was talking about. With the help of several members of, I was able to get her running right. I took her for a 5 mile drive last night around the neighborhood, and she runs GREAT! I think I'm finally ready to pop an exhaust on her, do one last sweep on the underside to make sure everything's torqued down/connected correctly, and start driving her daily. YESSSSS!!
(keep tuning in, I'll be updating the photo as I get her put together)

THANK YOU to everyone at, I've learned so much!

That means I can start working on other projects.
In the next couple weeks, I'll try to get the Mini going, and do all the necessary work on the 325ix. The ix will be easy, since it already runs; it's just nut and bolt mechanical stuff that needs to be refreshed.

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