Monday, April 4, 2011

Another fun-filled weekend...

When we got the L6 started in January, there were three leaks that I could find. A fuel leak from one of the injectors, a coolant leak from the overflow tank attachment on the radiator, and an intake leak from a loose hose clamp.

Friday afternoon, I had about an hour or so to spend with Orlando, so we went to the garage and pulled the leaky injectors and the leaky radiator.
He was able to re-install the radiator, but after we discussed it a bit, he decided to try the professionally rebuilt Design III injectors like I had.
Those should be coming in this week, and then we'll try to run her again.

As far as the 535is, I had a friend come down from DC to help out, and Orlando came over on Saturday. They both brought red cars, so it was quite a striking sight, 4 RED BMWs behind my garage. After we bled the brakes and made sure the wheels were torqued on correctly, I took her for a drive around the block a couple times. No exhaust. It was LOUD, obviously. I only went around the block because my seat wasn't bolted in, and I had no seatbelt... (or any other interior, lights, grills, bumpers, front valence, etc.) I jammed on the gas a couple times, and she responded the way she should have, so that was a decent sign...
I still have a wonky idle, but I'm going to put the car together, get an exhaust on her, and see how she does then. The ICV is not buzzing the way it should when power is applied... hmmmm. I got the new carpet in there last night, and put the driver's seat in. It's actually going to look pretty nice in there, I think. The car has been apart for so long that I have to search for all the parts, because of course, they aren't all together...

The new mantra: a ROLLING project, a ROLLING project, a ROLLING project!

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