Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Working on the x3

Well, since the x3 is basically a lifted e46, it has a lot of the same issues. One of which is electric windows that like to stop working. There's usually a *SNAP*, and then it doesn't want to do it's thing anymore. It will stay up in the channel for a little while, but the kinda jouncy ride that x3's are known for usually has it riding at about half mast in no time. Anyways, the fix is not THAT hard, but it is kinda fiddly. I bought the $30 part, researched the job, found pics and a writeup... then sat on it.
It's been broken for an embarrasingly LOOOOOONG time.
I wanted to work on the e28 tonight, but I figured I might as well do this window and show the x3 some love, as jamming the window up by hand is getting old, and it's spring in Maryland which equals LOTS of rain. Including tonight.
The lightning was getting closer and closer, and the sky was threatening all afternoon. I needed a third hand for a couple of the steps, Heather was glad to oblige. I got the job done with about 5 minutes to spare.

The job wasn't that bad at all! Now that I think about it, taking everything apart took longer than actually replacing the bad part.
... and now Heather has FOUR power windows, as opposed to THREE. :)

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Heather said...

Yes it is nice. But I have to say that it's not just the X3's "bouncy ride"... the window didn't go down as far and sometimes not at all when I drive. Just sayin'