Monday, March 28, 2011

More windows

Seems the jobs are coming in pairs and sets now.
Since I was so successful with my window job on the x3, Orlando invited me over to help him with his M3 window...
...after it hailed on the M6 last week. Sorry, man.
Luckily the M6 was fine, but enough was enough. It was time to get that M3 out of the M6's garage spot.
So I went over on thursday to get the lay of the land, we ended up taking the door panel off and seeing the problem. Yup, the two sliders were broken beyond repair. They were also sticking in the tracks pretty well; I guess BMW didn't expect the grease to maintain it's slick properties for 15 years...
So, on Friday, the tracks were cleaned, the new sliders were installed, and we used a little lever ingenuity to get the scissor studs to seat in the sliders all the way. Pretty good stuff.
Orlando went and re-installed the door panels this weekend, and his M3 looks as good as ever, and has functional windows again!

After we got the sliders seated on Friday, Orlando pulled the M6 into the garage, but then decided we should take it out for a spin. He allowed me to drive. It was just what I needed. We went for about 30 miles, and the car performed flawlessly. I seem to remember the last time I drove it, it was down on power, and it felt like the car was too "heavy". Consequently, I had not given the car it's due respect and nit-picked other things that I felt were issues. The car just didn't impress me at the time.
But Friday? (since we did the fuel system last fall and other gremlins)
The car was proof positive that BMW just DID IT RIGHT in the 80s. The car was powerful, sure-footed, and smooth as butter. Looking down that long red hood just made everything else seem like background noise.
What a great car.

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