Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend and an anniversary

So, this weekend, I didn't work on my cars too much.

We jacked up David's jeep so that we could do an F1 style wheel rotation, then messed with a couple other nagging issues. Good, simple, little stuff.
I was expecting some parts on Friday, but they haven't arrived. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, this was the weekend that I wrecked my car last year. Man, it's still "down". I really wanted to have it "up" a year later, but I'm REALLY close. Maybe if I get some parts this week, I can have 3 cars back up? Man that sounds INSANE, but I hope that maybe if I put enough work into it, and cajole David into the garage, I can get A LOT done. All the stars have to align, and I need to be right about a lot of the troubleshooting I've done. We'll see; you'll be the second to know!

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///MARINE said...

Dude has it been a year!?! I remember getting the call from your CO as if it were just yesterday. I will keep space open all week. Let's get your fleet back up!