Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make it rain!

In order to work in my garage, I put the M6 outside. The garage is usually home to the perrenial project car, my 1995 325i convertible, as well the M6. I have disassembled most of the front end of the convertible, which means that it must stay inside; out of the elements. The unfortunate side effect is that for the last year, my beloved 1995 M3 has lived outside instead of in the two-car garage. The result is a very faded hood on the M3. BMW paint was not stellar in the 1990s.

The M6 has a habit of attracting precipitation. If this car leaves the confines of that garage; it rains. No. It pours. Every single time. Without fail. Within minutes of the car leaving the garage. Before even getting out of the driveway. It doesn't matter if there is a drought going on at the time. The M6 makes it rain like a team of NFL players at a Las Vegas strip club. The last month here in maryland has been steaming hot and cloudless; breaking temperature records and reaching/exceeding 100 degrees. Since parking the M6 outside on Friday, it has rained every day. Adam and I are accustomed to supernatural BMW occurrences. We have seen our BMWs die and come back more times than Ali Larter's character on "Heroes."

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