Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yup, it's been over a year. we moved, and I had to trailer two cars here. Now I REALLY have to finish all the projects. So, this tim, I'll be updating you FOR REAL.

Let me start by telling you about an oil change I did.
I bought 8 quarts of performance oil from BMW for $6.50 a piece. About $10 f)r a filter, and an hour of my time. The BMW x3 3.0i requires just under 7 quarts for the oil change, and I keep an extra quart for general purpose or whenever the light comes on signalling low oil.
I needed to buy a maintenance light reset tool (which can also read codes from every BMW from 1987 on... ) This tool was over $100, but I only have to buy it the once, it's in my toolbox, I can loan it out, and I don't have to go to BMW (an hour away) to get my engine diagnosed.
So, overall, the oil change cost me over $150, but I'm going to consider the tool paid for now. I'll consider it paid for, because, the day after I did the oil change, I called the dealership to ask how much an oil change is. Their reply? "$109.95" Yeah, that's what I thought.
I love DIY!!

more to come...

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