Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Went out to the garage WAAAAY late last night; past my self-imposed "noise curfew" and got most of that stripped nut ground away with the dremel. Please accept my apologies, neighbors. I was lying right underneath it, so I'm sure there will be about a zillion pieces of metal floating around in my eyes for the next few days. Terrific.

Also, I was so busy on Sunday that I put a battery on the buzzbox while I was frying wings and then TOTALLY forgot about it. When I went out there last night, it was fully charged all right. Gosh, I really DON'T want to burn my garage down.

Hopefully tonight I can put new hardware on, torque it down correctly and drive the beater to work tomorrow.

Then trade for the 325ix. Maybe next week, I'll have to get my rookie body guy vibe going on, and seal up the tail light section the way it's supposed to be.

This week, after the Beater has left the building, and I try to get the Mini going, I'll pull the 535is in the garage and get that thing started and RUNNING. I really think I've got it licked this time. I think it's gonna run. 4 years has come down to this. Come on, baby.


Heather said...

PLEASE don't burn down the garage!

///MARINE said...

I know you are incredibly close with the red E28. You are one evening away...