Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Success!

The missionaries came over last night for dinner, and I accepted their offer for some kind of service. I had them sit in the 535iA to weigh the car down while I tightened the upper control arms. Then they helped me bleed the brakes. Thanks, Elders!
Today, I invited Orlando over to help finish it up, but buttoning things up went a lot faster than I had expected, so by the time he arrived, I had already been around the block a dozen times, and was ready to go on the highway. No drama. Much less shimmy. I didn't rebuild the ENTIRE front suspension, but I know I helped a little. Brakes work fine, and best of all, all those pesky warning lights that I was looking at before (false low oil level light, and a very old brake wear sensor) disappeared. Tranny shifts fine, she run great! I'm going to shake her down for a couple days, then off she goes to the new owner! Bye Bye, beater!

I'm pretty excited for continued progress on the other cars, hopefully my success streak can continue.

The Wolf

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