Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night, I tried to throw my back out by pushing the 535iA in the garage for the LAST time. Well, first I rearranged things and made some more room. (I need to purge some stuff) So there was plenty of room this morning when I jacked the car up and got to working.
I started with the front left brakes, and got to the root of the problem with the dragging brakes. Turns out the boot for the caliper cylinder was TOTALLY jacked,and the cylinder was corroding in there, so I need to rebuild it. A quick puter search at all the local auto parts stores produced nothing. So a quick email to Steve at Blunt Tech netted me rebuild kits all around, should be here by Friday. Good stuff.
Luckily, I have a bunch more stuff to do.
Did the other rotor, pads, and flexible line.
Oil change, filter, and level sensor. (one of the bolts stripped, of course)
Then started on a filter and fluid, and gasket change for the transmission, but of course, the drain plug stripped. (No matter how careful you are sometimes...)
Oh, and one of the cooler lines (attached to the pan) needed a REALLY big wrench, which of course I don't have. (I've been meaning to get a set of wrenches for 22-32mm...) I was going to make a trip to an auto parts store, but it turns out I know some people. Brooklyn has a friend who has the wrench set I need, so I asked to borrow one. Fit perfect.
Then I had an appointment.
All day, I was cleaning stuff, too. It was so dirtygreasy...

Tomorrow, Brooklyn will be joining me. We have to finish tranny stuff, UCAs, New Fuel Filter and lines, Halfshafts, Diff mount, and Dogbones.
Felt good to be under the car all day.

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