Monday, August 23, 2010


I've been helping my friend move for the past week. Haven't worked on the cars at all. Was also waiting on some parts for the E34 auto swap, the tuneup on the x3, and another couple parts for the 535iA.
I HAVE however, manned up, and started driving the E30. I bought one of those cool guy laser thermometers, and have been checking the temps every time I stop the car. Temps are staying pretty steady. Would still LOVE to have a temp gauge, we'll see if I get one in the next week.

Went out for a "run" on some of the twisty roads around here. Man, it's nice to be driving the car like I mean it, again. Still haven't pushed too hard to check for grip on turns yet, but I'm getting there.

Anyways, put Blake in the backseat, it had been a year since he'd been back there. We rode around on Friday, then Saturday, we went to dinner, and when we went back out to get in the car, he was pointing to the E30 and saying, "Reescar, reescar!"
Far as I can tell, he was saying Racecar. I told him, "No, Blake, it's NOT a racecar." But I guess a loud exhaust, low ride height, and bigger tires means "racecar" to him. Officially, the proudest Dad moment, yet!

Just wait, Blake. Just wait...

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