Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Speaking of brakes...

Our friends, the McCombs have come to visit again. I've known them for almost my entire Marine career, and now that he has retired, he's moving to live about 10 miles away from us. The move is still in its' infancy, but they are making good progress. Anyways, they have this Ford Excursion that had a soft brake pedal when I drove it last time they were here. The brakes started grinding when they left NC to make the 350 mile trek here yesterday. The Mrs. refused to drive the truck today, so that was the hint that we needed to work on them. They were TOAST. One of the inside front brake pads was totally gone, which cooked the rotor. oops. So, one trip to autozone and $200 later, we've got front rotors, and pads all around. We changed them all in a couple hours' time, and rotated the tires. Pretty good. The pedal is even firm again.
Since I was dirty, I decided to do a little work on the 535iA. Pulled the last brake line in the rear, and set David to work on my stripped line. No dice. At least I'm not crazy here, just incompetent. ;) I even pushed in the caliper for new pads, so now I can try to mount the new rotors and pads. Maybe I'll get some new e-brake pads, though, since they are literally falling apart. Driving with the e-brake on for about a mile really cooks them, as indicated by smoke coming off the rear wheels. oops. Doing research on new fuel lines and a maybe a new fuel filter, too; since I'm back there, and it's easy to reach. So maybe I can get it lowered off the jackstands by next week, then jack up the front and do the front brakes (SHOULD be good to go, but won't know until I pull them. Then a fluid flush, and we'll see if I'm back in business...
Tomorrow, I'll either help Orlando put in his alternator, or get the water pump off the E30.
Couple hours at a time, here!

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