Friday, January 22, 2010

Yup, it's been MONTHS.

Well, things have been crazy. Shortly after my last post, I parked GREEN HELL on a median. It was wet out, and I'm pretty sure that I got a flat tire right as I was going around a corner with elevation and surface changes. It was just too much to try and catch. Blake was riding with, and we were both fine.
The car? Not so much. Tore up the oil pan, front end, wheel, etc.
Kinda knocked the fight out of me for a bit, but I'm back and motivated again. Spent some time working on her last night. Gotta get going on these cars, I was filling out my calendar for the year, trying to plan vacations and trips. I've still got a few months, so I better get going!

Here's my inspection and to do list: (PICS LATER)

Got everything pretty much taken apart. I forgot how much of a PITA it is to pull the hood. Especially when you don't disconnect everything you're supposed to. Awkward.
Looked at my euro bumper stuff. They're not as bad as I remember. I still have to remove the "DOT bars" that were bolted onto Federalized Euro cars. Picture 30 lbs of bar stock running the whole length of the bumper. Only two bolts holding it in, though. Hehehe Man, is it going to be awesome.

Good news:
It doesn't look too bad. The exhaust is the lowest part of the car, and it shows. Scraped it up pretty good, but everything looks intact, at least up front. I'd say about a 6x6inch hole bashed into the floor right below the dead pedal. I think it will be okay, hope it's not too expensive to get something welded in there. Little bit of scrapeage on the frame rails, but nothing crushed that I can see. The little shield that goes in front of the gas tank... Hehe. Barely hangin on. Might need to take care of that, along with the previously severely dented gas tank.
Started loosening up the bolts on the oil pan, easy as pie, so I shouldn't have too many problems there. Took the remaining pieces of the oil pump off, and everything looks okay there, too. The oil pump I got looks like it'll go right in, and the key part; the little hex end rod that goes to the gear that actually turns the pump guts looks okay, too.
Subframe looks okay, suspension bushings are still in need of refreshing, but it doesn't look like anything is going to prevent me from driving it; other than the lack of oil.

Bad news:
The radiator support pretty much took the brunt of the impact, and it shows. Lower end of the radiator is mashed up against the engine fan. There's interference with the (non functioning) a/c compressor (passenger side), and a little more on the drivers side with the power steering pump (which is also non-functional, but still hooked up, belt driven and all??) the fan shroud is pretty much jacked, too, although, once I get the rad support pulled out a bit, it might be okay. Looking carefully from the top, it looked as if the drivers side of the engine was a little closer to the front than the passenger side, although the passenger side of the rad support is the most bashed in/pushed back. As I investigated further, I found the culprit. Drivers side engine mount. I would say that the bolt that goes through it ripped through the rubber about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Not good. Luckily, I was planning on lifting the engine to wrangle the oil pan out, so I needed to unbolt the engine mounts anyways. Unluckily, I don't have any engine mounts ON HAND, so I'm kinda stuck. It's going to take a bit to get everything straightened out anyways, so maybe waiting for the engine mounts isn't so bad. They're soaking in PB blaster now, they're probably the original mounts.

To do:
I really don't want to, but I might have to drain the coolant and pull the radiator, so that I can 1)get my ghetto "straighten the fins out" on, and 2) bash out the radiator support from the backside. This NEEDS to be done, as when I do the M30 swap, the radiator sits lower, past the mounting points of the original radiator, so I have to get this right or close to it.
Gotta disconnect the engine mounts and pull the engine up a bit so that I can pull what's remaining of the oil pan, then replace it and do the pump and all that.
Guess I'll pull the AC compressor. Might explore what going on with the power steering, too. While I'm waiting for motor mounts, might work on the interior, test fit all the euro bumper stuff, etc, etc.

I think it's going to be OKAY. I'm taking my time and being careful. I'm trying not to think about if I do all this work and the car decides not to run/drive right.

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